Storm Response Team


People Reached: Greater Than 3 Million
Tornadoes: 3+
Responder Work: Search & Rescue

Locations: Lake Purdy, Ohatchee, Greensboro-Calera, Alabama
Cost: $530.76 - Funded by Personal Finances

March 25th, 2021 was forecast to be a tornado outbreak by the Storm Prediction Center, starting the morning I connected with The Weather Channel, and WSFA-TV in Montgomery, Alabama to provide LIVE Coverage of the outbreak through live video & phone interviews. First Tornado was intercepted near Lake Purdy, Alabama of which was streamed LIVE to The Weather Channel warning millions in the Birmingham, AL Metro. The second tornado was intercepted near Ohatchee, Alabama I arrived on scene scene of a destroyed warehouse within 60 seconds of it passing, and searched the building where the employees were inside the bathroom, the only part of the building that remained intact, met up with local authorities on how to proceed any further. The third tornado intercepted was a long-tracked violent tornado from Greensboro, AL to Columbiana, AL this tornado was streamed LIVE to WSFA-TV in Montgomery, AL and kept those along and ahead of the tornado informed to get into their safe place. A secondary team was also in the field in that area and commenced search and rescue as well as first aid to those impacted by the wedge tornado as it went through Greensboro, AL. All this done while keeping in close connection with the National Weather Service in Birmingham, AL on updates. Once the storm go to Columbiana I was informed a few storm chasers were stranded after evading the Greensboro, AL Tornado they blew their head gasket getting away from the tornado so I proceeded two hours west to pick up their team in order to take them home to Ohio. Overall a very successful deployment, while heartbreaking that lives were lost our mission was 100% fulfilled in reaching well over 3 million people through Social Media, The Weather Channel, and WSFA-TV in keeping people informed of the rapidly moving strong tornadoes.

Summary video Below: